Dear visitor of the AKI TEN,

since we are the hosts and organizers of this Bonsai exhibition in Bressanone, we are already looking forward to welcoming you to this unique event. After our extremely successful exhibitions in1995, 2000, 2008 and 2012 we would like to launch a series of exhibitions taking place every two years, starting with the AKI TEN 2017.

In cooperation with the Bonsai Master Auer Othmar and other Bonsai and ceramics artists from South Tyrol, Europe and Japan, we will accompany you for two days, during which you can learn everything about the art of Bonsai and its philosophy, without forgetting the technical and horticultural basics.

With our CERAMICS CONTEST we want to take the interplay between ceramics and Bonsai centre-stage.

Our goal is to provide an excellent programme for Bonsai lovers and the curious from near and far; we want to create a meeting point where friendships, love for Bonsai and nature are born or further cultivated.

With the exhibition, the conferences, the round tables and the demonstrations we will guide you towards a higher level in the shaping and the presentation of bonsais.

So don’t hesitate to already book your short stay in Bressanone, one of the finest little towns in the heart of the Dolomites, with its penchant for culture.

It will be an unforgettable weekend - not least thanks to your coming and your participation.

In the role of president of the BONSAI CLUB BRIXEN, I am already looking forward to your visit. Together with my team I wish you all the best and joy with Bonsai art.

Helmut Bachmann
President of the Bonsai Club Brixen

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